The Family Y of Greater Augusta


Thank you for participating in the Y Annual Campaign!

A successful campaign makes it possible for the Y to offer critical programs and services to those who could otherwise not afford to participate.

Your role as an effective Y storyteller bolsters our campaign's success and champions our cause to strengthen our community.

1. Please fill out the form below and follow the directions to get started telling your YMCA story to your friends, family and colleagues.

2. We'll create a personal fundraising link for you on You'll also get a fundraising widget you can install on your personal page or blog.

What we'd like for you to do:

  1. Facebook it.
    On the confirmation screen, click on your Facebook button and post a message on your wall about your effort. This links back to your personal fundraiser, so anyone who comes back to will be able to give directly to you.
  2. Tweet about it.
    You can also click your Twitter button and send a tweet out to all your followers. Anyone who follows the link will be sent to your fundraiser.
  3. Blog it.
    If you click on the embed buttons you can copy your fundraising code onto your blog or personal page. Then do what you always do - promote your page to your readers. They'll be able to give right there on your site.
  4. Email it.
    There is also a handy email button and, of course, your personal fundraising link can be added to any message. One of the best things to do is to copy the link into your email signature.

What happens next:

  1. Each time someone supports the YMCA thanks to your efforts, we'll send you an email letting you know and updating you on your fundraising status.
  2. When you get these messages, be sure to thank your friend and click those Facebook and Twitter links again and thank them in public.