2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Game On For A Better Us

Dear YMCA Family,

I am disappointed, as I’m sure you are, that we are unable to gather for our Annual Meeting due to the precautions to keep us all safe from the Coronavirus. Like so many other events around the country, this is unprecedented. However, in the Y spirit of making the best of a bad situation, we present to you our “Virtual Annual Meeting.”

2019 was a year full of “Our Mission in Motion,” as this year’s Annual Report is titled. You can view the Annual Report here.

We’re always striving to ensure we meet the needs of the communities we serve, and this year was certainly no exception. A few things to highlight from the past year: We had an extremely successful grand opening of our Burke County Y. The community has embraced us with open arms and we’re so appreciative of all the partnerships we’ve formed with Burke County, Ingevity, Georgia Power Company, Dalton Utilities and Ogelthorpe Power. It’s been exciting to hear the countless testimonials of the lives being positively impacted. And to date we’ve got more than 3,400 members which is outstanding this soon after opening.
Another highlight from 2019 is Camp Lakeside. The completion of new cabins, an improved septic and wastewater system and the renovation of a full-service medical facility allowed us to host the first four overnight medical camps from the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. These camps included: Camp Rainbow (children with cancer), Camp Joint Venture (children with juvenile arthritis and related joint disease), Camp Sweet Life (children with diabetes), and Camp Strong Heart (children with cardiac related diagnoses).
We all know the mission of the YMCA is to serve people and strengthen the foundations of our community. Below is a brief but compelling video featuring our Signature Programs that illustrate how we are so much more than “just a gym.” Many lives are changed through these programs and the community is impacted positively as a whole. Click here to watch the video (feel free to share the link).
I can’t thank you enough, along with all the efforts of our branches, for helping us work towards our Annual Campaign goal of $1.5 million. For many obvious reasons, this has been an unusual campaign effort and process. So many of you have worked diligently to move us toward reaching this goal in creative and engaging ways. Thank you!
However, our total to date is $1,443,943, which leaves us with a balance of $61,057. I’m confident that working together we will get there! Although we designate the Campaign as six weeks out of the year, the reality is we are always fundraising within the Y, wherever the opportunities might present themselves. I urge all of us to keep going with our fundraising efforts now more than ever as our community needs us! We are pivoting our outreach services by providing childcare to frontline medical staff and first responders as well as emergency food to families. For more information, visit our Coronavirus Updates page here.
Thank you for your continued support and engagement with the YMCA. This is your Y and we are proud you are part of the family!

Danny McConnell