Try The Y


This holiday season, we are giving our members the opportunity to share the Y with friends and family! Members can stop by the front desk to pick up an unlimited number of 30-day guest passes, or you can also print the passes yourself. All guests will need to follow our COVID-19 procedures and guidelines, including group exercise class and lap lane reservations.


Guests who join the Y when their 30-Day Guest Pass expires will pay $0 for their Joiner’s Fee (savings of up to $100)! When your guest joins, existing members will earn a recruitment reward of $10 per month to be credited toward your monthly membership dues for six months. If enough buddies join, your membership could be free for six months!

FAQ For Members

Yes! To minimize waste, the Welcome Center staff will only give a few at a time, However, you can come back for more passes as many times as you need, or print them on your own. A guest may only redeem one pass.

Guest Passes are available at all Family YMCA of Greater Augusta locations from Black Friday (November 27) until January 15.

Absolutely! When a guest joins, their Joiner’s Fee will be waived and you will receive a recruitment award of $10 per month credited towards your monthly membership dues for six months. Your membership could be free for six months if enough of your guests join!

No, your guest may visit the Y without you. Remember to write your name and member ID on the pass before giving to your guest so your account can be credited if they decide to join!

We would love to show you how safe and clean our YMCA facilities are, or get you acquainted with our Virtual YMCA. If you previously cancelled your membership, stop by the Welcome Center of your local YMCA to begin your 30-Day Guest Membership, no pass needed.

FAQ For Potential Members

Absolutely. We are ending 2020 with a clean slate. You can redeem a 30-Day Guest Pass even if you have tried the Y in the past.

Guest Passes expire 30 days after the activation date. They must be activated by January 15, 2021.

To activate your 30 days at the Y, please bring your Guest Pass and a photo ID to the Welcome Center at your local YMCA for entry. All guests will also need to complete a guest form.

No. A guest may only redeem one 30-Day Guest Pass during this promotion.

Yes! Once your guest membership is set-up at your local Y’s Welcome Center, you will be able to create an online login and access all of our Virtual YMCA offerings, including live group exercise classes.

Yes, with a reservation in advance. Once you get your Guest Membership set up, you will be able to create an online account to make reservations here.

We would love to have you as part of our Y family! We’ll waive the Joiner’s Fee (up to $100 value) when you join, and the member who referred you will receive $10 credited towards their monthly membership dues for six months.

Sure! Stop by the Welcome Center of your local Y to fill-out a Prospect Member card to activate your Guest Membership.