The Family Y of Greater Augusta

A Place to Dream

a place to dream

There are many children in our community who will lay down tonight with something missing – a bed

The CSRA has many wonderful social service agencies helping low-income families obtain housing, but few help these families turn their housing into functional homes. Consequently, residents are forced to sleep on the floor, air mattresses, sofas, or crowded into a bed with other family members.

Recent studies link poor sleep with cognitive, physical and even behavioral health issues. People who do not get enough quality sleep have poor concentration, weaker immune systems, and an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Research has found that children with proper bedding sleep an average of 20 minutes more each night than children who have unfavorable sleeping arrangements. That's more than 2 hours per week!

The Family YMCA of Greater Augusta wants to help the children in our community get the sleep they need. A Place to Dream is that program.

Contact the Family YMCA of Greater Augusta today for additional information about this program or how to volunteer and lend a hand.