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We are a cause-driven nonprofit and we wouldn’t be able to provide the services we do for our community without the generous help of people like you. When you make a financial gift to the Y, you are helping to ensure that everyone is able to learn, grow and thrive in the nurturing programs and safe facilities of the Family YMCA.

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Thank you for your donations and dedication in making our 2022 campaign such a great success! Your efforts have helped spread our mission:

“To serve individuals and families in the CSRA through programs designed to build healthy spirit mind and body, reflecting the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition while maintaining respect for all people.”

We appreciate you sharing the YMCA story and building relationships in our community! For many children, adults and families, the YMCA is a family. It is a place where you know you can find encouragement as you accomplish your dreams. However, there are those that need help to belong or be a part of our life-strengthening programs. One hundred percent of every donation to the Family YMCA’s Annual Campaign goes directly toward funding financial assistance and program subsidies for your neighbors right here in the communities we serve.

Your success is what makes a difference and we look forward to seeing the impact that we can make in our community thanks to you!

2022 Annual Campaign
Amount Raised: $1, 306,450

A PLACE TO DREAM (click to visit page)

There are many children in our community who will lay down tonight with something missing – a bed.

The CSRA has many wonderful social service agencies helping low-income families obtain housing, but few help these families turn their housing into functional homes. Consequently, residents are forced to sleep on the floor, air mattresses, sofas, or crowded into a bed with other family members.

Recent studies link poor sleep with cognitive, physical and even behavioral health issues. People who do not get enough quality sleep have poor concentration, weaker immune systems, and an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Research has found that children with proper bedding sleep an average of 20 minutes more each night than children who have unfavorable sleeping arrangements. That’s more than 2 hours per week!

The Family YMCA of Greater Augusta wants to help the children in our community get the sleep they need. A Place to Dream is that program.

Contact the Family YMCA of Greater Augusta today for additional information about this program or how to volunteer and lend a hand.
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Since 1858, the Family Y of Greater Augusta has been changing lives and communities by providing programs and services where they are needed most.

Capital development efforts allow the YMCA to expand its reach and multiply the impact of its programs and services. Expansions or renovations of existing facilities and/or the development of new facilities ensure that the YMCA is ready to meet the ever changing needs of our region. For more information, please email our Development Director at [email protected]


When you invest in the Y, you are creating opportunities for children, youth, families, and seniors to engage in a safe and caring environment. One by one we impact lives. This is the lasting heritage you can provide. And with the growth of our Endowment Fund, you can assure that this work will continue and expand to reach everyone who needs the enrichment and support of YMCA programs. Our regular operating funds cannot fulfill all the demand. The Endowment Fund makes it possible for us to provide lasting support and respond to the growing needs of the CSRA.

If you wish to make a pledge to the CSRA Family Y Foundation, please email Catie McCauley, Chief Operating Officer, at [email protected]