Campaigner Toolkit


You are part of an extraordinary team of volunteers and staff who are committed to the health of our YMCA and our community. Thank you for your support as we work to raise funds for scholarships and our Signature Programs. Throughout the campaign, you can reference this page for resources to help us reach our campaign goal.

Total Raised in 2024 Annual Campaign
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Click here to view the full instructions with pictures.

  1. Login to Core or create a new account:

  2. Once logged in, enter the full name of the campaigner in the search box, then select the member from the list.

  3. Click the “Donations” tab to be taken to the campaigner page.

  4. On the campaigner page, click “Add Campaigner” and select the member from the drop-down list. Only names of adults on the account will be shown. Here, you can edit your Default Campaign, goal amount and your Y story. If you had a campaigner page last year, then you must change the default to the 2024 Campaign.

  5. Share your campaigner page link with friends and family. Core will automatically track payments made online through your campaigner page, and will show what percent of your goal has been reached.

  6. Ask Y staff if you need assistance setting-up the campaigner page!


The Family YMCA of Greater Augusta is a leading nonprofit organization in the CSRA. We help people from many walks of life to be healthy, confident and connected to others. Why are we different from other nonprofits? We work locally to focus on empowering young people, improving health and well-being, and inspiring action in and across communities. Read each location’s Case For Support below to see how the Y is shaping the CSRA.


Matching Gifts

Encourage donors to use our new tool to find out if their employer matches donations. This is an easy way for every dollar to make a bigger impact!

YMCA Membership

If you aren’t able to donate directly, consider joining the Y! Membership supports our efforts to ensure everyone in our community has access to health and opportunity, beyond our facilities.

Walmart Round Up

Round up your purchase total and donate the change at checkout on or in the Walmart app through Walmart’s new Spark Good initiative. Login to your Walmart account and search “Family Y.”

Facebook Fundraiser

You can set-up a fundraiser through Facebook for the Y! Create a new post and select “Raise money.” Then search for “Family Y Young Mens Christian Assoc-YWCA of the CSRA Inc”

Social Media

Follow us on our social media accounts and share, share, share! Make sure all of your friends and followers know about the good things the Y is doing in the community.