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Inspiring Very Exceptional Youth

Camp IVEY is a one-week, overnight camp held at YMCA Camp Lakeside in Lincolnton, GA. Through recreation and the arts, this adaptive camp’s purpose is to empower children with developmental disabilities by promoting independence in life skills, relationships, physical activity and leisure, communication, and self-confidence. Camp IVEY began in 2016 as a day camp, and is now a full, one-week overnight camp for campers ages 7 to 21. Registration is open for 2024 Camp IVEY during the week of June 16 through June 21, 2024!

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]!
Days Until Camp IVEY

CAMP IVEY serves children ages 7 to 21 predominantly with developmental delays; however, children with other diagnoses are welcome too! Camp IVEY is place where kids can just be kids regardless of any label, deficit or strength they may live with on a day to day basis. Camp IVEY is centered around a typical camp experience with activities such as archery, swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts and so much more! Camp is a place to make new friends and try new things each and every day.

A Successful Camp IVEY Camper:

Is not limited to a label or a diagnosis, but may experience the world in ways similar to:

  • Developmental Delay
  • Apraxia
  • Genetic Disorders
  • ADHD
  • Down Syndrome
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder
  • Sensory Processing Disorder

Campers may:

  • have difficulty with balance that requires hands-on assistance in order complete traditional camp activities such as a low ropes course or water sports,
  • require modeling, verbal cues, or tactile cues in social situations or for completion of activities OR mild to moderate physical assistance with self care tasks
  • become frustrated when completing fine motor activities such as friendship bracelets, but perseveres with demonstration or assistance,
  • may need one-on-one assistance getting from activity to activity due to the rough nature of an outdoor camp,
  • may have a tendency to wander or explore unfamiliar environments, and/ or
  • may need encouragement in order to attempt new and challenging activities.

This camp is not currently designed for individuals who:

  • display frequent fleeing or aggressive behaviors,
  • are not independently ambulatory.
  • are medically fragile.

Behavior Policy:

Camp IVEY reserves the right to dismiss a camper from programming as deemed necessary due to behavior or other situations that may arise during the week of camp. A decision for dismissal from camp programming is reached through a meeting with the Camp Director, the Counselor/ Adult present at the time of incident, and YMCA Camp Directors.

Camp is relational. We take seriously the people we bring to camp to work with and be with our campers. We know the success of Camp IVEY depends on the staff we bring to camp week. Over the last 5 summers, we have been blessed to work with staffers with hearts for children with special needs. They come to us from different educational backgrounds: MEDICAL SCHOOL, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, PHYSICAL THERAPY, KINESIOLOGY, EDUCATION, SPECIAL EDUCATION, PRE-OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY and EXERCISE SCIENCE. These students have come from area high schools, as well as Colleges and Universities such as Clemson University, University of Georgia, Furman University, Georgia Southern University, Augusta Tech and Augusta University.

For information on how to volunteer please contact: Charlie Prescott, Camp Lakeside executive director at [email protected].

Click here to download the volunteer packet!

Do you want to be apart of Camp IVEY? Apply to be on the Camp IVEY Youth Board! The form is available here.

Hannah SternCamp Director

Hannah Stern

Hannah is a graduate of the University of Georgia as well as Augusta University and a long-time camp enthusiast, who has had the honor of working with Camp IVEY since its inaugural summer in 2016. Hannah is an Occupational Therapist at McKenna Farms, in Dallas, GA, who believes that every child, regardless of ability level, diagnosis or personal circumstance should have the opportunity to experience all that camp has to offer.