Impact Stories- Jimmy & Anne Coxwell

For Jimmy and Anne Coxwell, life is all about pressing on through challenges and moving forward.

Nearly seven years ago, Jimmy suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed and non-verbal. The Coxwells spent the month following Jimmy’s stroke at University Hospital before moving to Walton Rehabilitation Center shortly after being discharged, which was where they were first introduced to the Family Y and its adapted programs.

“The outpatient therapists at Walton Rehab were the first to tell us about Katie’s Pool and the other adapted programs at the Y,” says Anne. “Jimmy was unable to get in and out of the pool for his therapy sessions at first, but has progressed so much since he’s been with the Y.”

Jimmy and Anne come to the Wilson Family YMCA twice a week. Jimmy works with a trainer first in Katie’s Pool and then in the Total Access gym, while Anne walks on the treadmill and spends time with the other adapted clients and their families. Working in both the water and on land has meant that Jimmy is getting a thorough workout for his entire body. The two therapies work hand-in-hand.

“The adapted staff and trainers have been wonderful to work with,” Anne says. “Jimmy loves to get out and be with other people. It helps him keep a positive outlook on life.”

Not only is Anne grateful for her husband’s physical healing, but she also loves the spiritual healing that happens at the Y.

“The Y is a great place of ministry development,” Anne says. “We’ve met so many people because of Jimmy’s outgoing spirit, and we’ve had the chance to share our story with others and build great friendships with them. They see just as much of an improvement as I can!”

To the Coxwells, the Y is a place of healing and health for all ages. What is the Y to you? For more information about the adapted programs available, visit