Impact Stories – Kasper Fulghum

Kasper FulghumEver wanted to know what it’s like to live forever young?

Just ask Kasper Fulghum.

Ninety-seven-year-old Fulghum has been an active member of the Wilson Family YMCA for five years. Fulghum comes to work out three times a week, walking on the treadmill, lifting free weights as well as exercising on a few machines. Three years ago, after a friend invited him, Fulghum became a regular attendee of the SilverSneakers class as well as continuing his workout regimen.

Fulghum points to the Y as his source of staying active and contributing to his lively personality. He’s the go-to guy for setting up the exercise equipment for a senior adult chair-exercise class. He’s popular with his classmates of mostly ladies!

“It keeps me in good condition,” Fulghum says. “I think physically, I’m in pretty good shape. All the doctors tell me that anyways! Seeing my Y friends on a regular basis is the best medicine of all!”

Fulghum says the Y keeps him feeling young and in the best shape he’s been. So what advice does he have for other active older adults who want to stay active and live healthy?

“Make a habit of it! When I don’t come, I feel like I’m missing something from my day,” Fulghum says. “It’s a part of my routine.”

“If I wasn’t out exercising, I’d just be vegetating at home on the couch,” Fulghum says. “The Y keeps me feeling young!”

Kasper resolved to maintain his healthy and active lifestyle, even into his senior years. Kasper inspires all of us with his resolution to live a healthy lifestyle!