Impact Stories – Mary Fox

Mary FoxHealthy living is a choice that everyone can make. It’s a decision that 65-year-old Mary Foxmade two years ago after a regular check-up revealed that she was pre-diabetic.

She scheduled her annual appointment as usual to make sure she was still in good health. This time, the nurse checked her blood sugar. The results were high so she was prescribed Metformin.

Mary was unsure of what the medication was for so she did some research about it and found that it is given to diabetics to help them maintain normal blood sugar levels. After undergoing a surgery in 2009 to remove a benign brain tumor, Mary knew that being healthy would require more than just taking medicine.

“Healthy living requires a lot of work,” Fox says. “It’s never an easy ordeal, but it’s so rewarding in the end!”

As an alternative to the medication, Mary decided to change her eating habits. She incorporated healthier meal options such as oatmeal and started cutting back on sweets. Although she doesn’t completely deprive herself of having a sweet treat every now and then, she does pay more attention to what she eats and how much she’s eating.

“The main thing is making healthy changes to your diet and having the good Lord in your life,” Fox said. “I think the Lord wants us to take care of our bodies.”

These days, Mary and her husband, Johnny are familiar faces at the Downtown Augusta Family YMCA. Their enthusiasm and energy inspire others to work harder.

Mary continues to monitor her blood sugar levels regularly and knows that a healthy diet and regular exercise are crucial to avoiding diabetes. A blood sugar level test should be a part of your regular physical exams. Ask your doctor if you are at risk for developing diabetes.