Camp IVEY is a camp held at camp Lakeside, in Lincolnton, GA. The purpose of this adaptive camp is to empower children with developmental delays and disabilities by promoting independence in life-skills, relationships, physical activity and leisure, communication, and self-confidence through recreation and the arts. In Summer 2024, Camp IVEY will be a 6-day, 5-night overnight camp!
June 16 to June 21.
For campers ages 7 to 21.

A successful Camp IVEY camper is not limited to a label or diagnosis, but may experience the world in ways similar to:

Developmental Delay
-Genetic Disorders
-Down Syndrome
-Learning Disabilities
-Autism Spectrum Disorder
-Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder
-Sensory Processing Disorder

Campers may:

-have difficulty with balance that requires hands-on assistance in order complete traditional camp activities such as a low ropes course or water sports,
-require modeling, verbal cues, or tactile cues in social situations or for completion of activities OR mild to moderate physical assistance with self care tasks
-become frustrated when completing fine motor activities such as friendship bracelets, but perseveres with demonstration or assistance,
-may need one-on-one assistance getting from activity to activity due to the rough nature of an outdoor camp,
-may have a tendency to wander or explore unfamiliar environments, and/ or
-may need encouragement in order to attempt new and challenging activities.

This camp is not currently designed for individuals who:
-display frequent fleeing or aggressive behaviors,
-are not independently ambulatory,
-are medically fragile.