Camp Lakeside House Party

Camp Lakeside House Party

Bring Camp To your Backyard

Learn about Camp Lakeside and Smore!

Gather some of your close friends for some camp fun in the intimate safe setting of your backyard!


What is a House Party?

  • An evening of camp fun for 15 of your friends and family.

  • Kids enjoy Camp games, Camp craft, and Smore treats!

  • Parents are able learn more about Camp Lakeside


Why Should I host a House Party?

  • You have fun with friends and family!

  • You learn more about camp!

  • Get to meet some of the Camp Lakeside Staff!

  • Host gets a $100 off a Session of Camp!

  • All friends and family get $75 off a Session of Camp!


What do I need to host a House Party?

  • Backyard or outdoor space

  • Friends and Family


How do I host a House Party?

  • Register now and we do the rest!