Lane Widener

About a year ago I was what felt like my last leg in this life, Over weight, Uncontrolled Diabetes, short of breath, and was Im sure a couch potato. My Doctor told me I had to do something to get the weight off or my life would be very short, she sent me to a place for gastric bye pass, after talking to them about the procedure and playing it all out in my head until I was sick on my stomach, I told myself it was time to join the Y and do this the way every healthy person does it, Exercise, push myself one step more each day. The Y was just a couple miles down the road and welcome me in and gave me a few pointers and I felt they really supported me in my goal, Today Im about 30 pounds lighter pants size from a 42 to a 38, I have more energy and doing things around the house that I just let go, I feel better and Most importantly My Doctor told me I could reduce my diabetes medicine my A1C when from 8 to 6.4 GREAT! Im not where I want to be but Im not throwing in the towel and I looking forward to the beach with my grand babies . Thank you so much to all the staff at my Thomson Family YMCA, And for Dr Fincher for sending me and caring for me.