Sandi Colston

I started in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer and group ex instructor 20 years ago. But I set all of that aside after my second child was born and decided to focus on family and faith. We bought a small farm and homeschooled our two youngest kids. I put God first, then my family, and I didn’t give time for fitness. I was creating a home, which included homemade bread, fresh eggs and all day canning from the garden in the summer. It included early morning fires and books being read around the wood burning stove.

Fast forward to 2012, I  suffered a neck injury that cause me to lose mobility in my left arm and cost me $30k in medical expenses. My physical therapist and chiropractor got me out of being basically disabled, because I didn’t think I would live to see my children grown. On top of that I found out I needed another major surgery that God brought me through.

Two years later I joined the Steiner Branch Family YMCA where my life took a turn for the BEST! I  made lifelong friends and have become totally connected with so many members. We connect in class and in our Christian faith. I gained mobility in my left arm in a class that I participate in twice a week with the encouragement of the instructor and participants. I have a host of friends I love through Ingrid’s R.I.P.P.E.D class.

These are people I see inside of the gym, sometimes outside of the gym, many have been to my house, several have gone to church with me. We have laughed together and prayed together and cried over the hurts and joys of life.

Then by accident in January 2019 I met Rhys who was facilitating Y-Change, a new version of the Team Lean program. I really took to Rhys. For those of you who know him, it is not because he is fun and outgoing, but rather it’s because he offered ideas that intrigued me. He challenged and still challenges my thinking. He didn’t say the things I expected him to say as a trainer. I took a risk although I thought it was a huge expense for one month. I was hooked in the first week and told him immediately I would commit to him for a year to see what changes we could make.

I have had so much progress in strengthening my neck and upper back I have not been back to the chiropractor in 3 months. My posture is noticeable improved. He has also become a treasured friend in this journey. I have recommended him to everyone I know that is looking for a change. Several friends have joined with him and more will be calling soon. My entire family all joined the Y at this point as well.

I had promised myself when I was in so much pain wondering if I could live that way for even another year or two, that if I ever got healed, I would not waste my life on TV and romance novels, or living through other people’s adventures. I would smell the roses, invest in more people, go hiking and get in better physical shape.

To wrap it up, the Y has been great for this next season of my life. My empty nesting years. I liked it so much I was willing to join the team when I was recently asked by Scotia since I already felt like I was so connected to the staff and people that come to the Y. They already felt like family.