5 Days of Action: SEE

Now that you KNOW more about child sexual abuse, let’s talk about SEE! When we SEE boundaries being crossed or suspect a child is being abused, we can act—and act quickly! Our ability to recognize the signs of abuse is a critical component to child protection.

Potential offenders are often seen breaking rules and pressing boundaries long before a child is harmed. Active bystanders who KNOW. SEE. RESPOND. can intervene on a child’s behalf and save them from a potentially dangerous situation.

Seeing is not just a matter of keeping our eyes open for signs of abuse, but also a conscious awareness of the things that make children vulnerable to boundary violations. When we know what to look for in our environments and other people’s behavior, we can install safeguards to prevent abuse long before it ever occurs.

Learn more about being an active bystander at www.fivedaysofaction.org/knowsee.


Five Days of Action is an initiative of the YMCA Champions for Child Protection created and designed by Darkness to Light, with support from YMCA of the USA, The Redwoods Foundation, The American Camp Association, and the Monique Burr Foundation for Children.